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Blassst Off!!!

@AntDaAstronaut/ Kidd Astro , a young rapper, from the 302 (Dover,DE), he raps in his songs about the better things in life. "Drugs", Sex, Money $$$, Clothes, Fashion, and how can i forget his Spacely Intellect. Locally known for his, crave for the herbal substance "marijuana". Take A Journey and fly with Tha Astronaut as he takes you to the top, with his nice melodies and tunes .!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Return of MIA!!!

think today, im going to just focus, on my raps. been M.I.A lately, chilling in the dungeon, trying to cook up a masterplan. Been going through an stage lately. Realizing who is real, Learning alot more about my musicals presents.

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